Pledge to Love Yourself

Summer is either here or right around the corner for some. Everyone always looks forward to summer because of no school or classes and it generally entails beautiful weather. But what are your big plans or goals for the summer?

If you don’t already have one, well here’s the perfect idea for you! Take this summer to discover what it’s like to completely focus on you. Yes, you can still work to finance this spell of sudden positivity, adventuring, and self-loving. But take your days off to do something new or something you love.

This summer, I pledge to learn new I’ve always been envious of others. I want to practice my guitar, learn yoga, improve my health, run more, read my bible more, listen to every genre of music, and enjoy the little things. By doing all these little tasks, I know my happiness will improve, which will lead to better relationships with friends and family. I want to spend less time crying and more time smiling. Even on the rainy days, I want to sit down with my records and dive into the past through my personal time machine.

By the end of the summer, my goal is to be the happiest person in the room. And if I find someone happier than me, I don’t want to be envious of them. I will be overjoyed that they have been able to find such happiness in a world full of gray.

Make a pledge to yourself: take the time this summer to love yourself more than ever.


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