Trust vs. Mistrust

Trust versus mistrust. According to a developmental psychologist, Erikson, children develop by having one outcome versus another. We were discussing how by the age of one year, children will have learned trust versus mistrust according to Erikson. As I was leaving class, I was thinking about how I knew trust more than mistrust. Based on this theory, I should have no problems trusting people throughout the rest of my life. But then I thought of the example of how in this generation, this is no longer true.

Teen girls generally end up learning not to trust guys no matter how much they trusted people before. I put this into perspective with my life. I trust my dad with my life, which means I should have no problems with guys. However, I have very little trust for a guy who is searching for a relationship with me. The reason for this is because they guys I’ve had relationships with in the past have made trust difficult. Even though I always steer straight towards a relationship (no matter how much I wish to be single), I can’t bring myself to trust any guy 100%.




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