Seemingly Immortal

I arrived at the mechanic’s shop full of people. Everybody there was always bustling around to hurry and finish his business. This place was always busy, so they wanted to get through as many jobs as they can in a day. My intentions there were not to fix my car. My car always had it’s own character and that was fine with me: it made it unique. I’ve been to this shop too many times to count in the last 18 years of my life. Most of my childhood memories were in this shop all because of one person.

I need to find him. I’m about to leave for a while, and I want to say my good byes. He’s an intimidating man with a scruffy face. He looks as though he has a beer-gut when in reality he just drinks too much Caffeine-Free Diet Pepsi and eats too much ice cream. He has a bit of a sweet tooth, which fits a sweet man perfectly. He’s the one man I can always count on to be there for me no matter what the problem is.

I check the office and find he’s absent. I walk out into the main shop where Mikey, the mechanic that’s been a worker for the shop as long as I could remember, directs me to the new edition. I walk over to see him sitting on a tractor tire just behind the library of tires he owns. He sees me walking towards him, and I can see a twinkle in his eye that I’ve seen before for a variety of reasons in the past. He knows why I’m there.

As I walk up to him, he tells the person on the phone he’ll call back. He has a few things to finish quickly. He pulls me in for one of his famous bear hugs where we see who can hug tightest. We just sit there hugging until we both know I need to leave. He attempts his persuasion of trying to get me to come home next weekend, but we both know he’s prolonging my departure. Once we say our good byes, I look at him one more time. I notice how much he’s aged recently. His crow’s feet are becoming more prominent. His once-dark-brown hair and beard are becoming peppered. He walks a little slower. It’s then that I realize my seemingly immortal father is not as immortal as I once thought as a little girl.


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